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What is Nitro Cold Brew?

We produce small batch, hand-crafted coffee and tea by cold-brewing natural ingredients for many hours at a low temperature.  We then infuse our beverages with pure nitrogen, which adds a soft, creamy texture.  "Nitro" (for short) is super smooth, and normally lower in acidity and bitterness than traditional hot-brewed coffee.  It's served on tap like beer!

How does it work?

We provide a full turn-key solution for putting nitro on tap at your location

  • Nitro Labs provides full tap set-up

  • Products arrive ready to drink

  • We provide training, recipes and marketing support

  • You serve coffee with zero hassle, and zero waste

1. Squeeze it in

This is a good option for people that sell draught beer already and have a refrigerated solution. If you already have a beer set-up, you will need to just add a tap, replace a tap or let us figure out how to work it in. 

2.1 Roll it in

This option is great for offices, F&B venues, and hotels because it is completely self-contained and on wheels.  All components fit perfectly inside, and all you have to provide is one standard electrical outlet.  Total dimensions are 60 x 58.5 x 131.5cm (WxDxH). 

2.2 Roll it in

This option is great for offices, F&B venues, and hotels.  Our refrigerators are on wheels, so all you need to provide is a standard electrical outlet. This solution requires a nitrogen tank outside of the refrigerator. Total dimensions 60x63x89cm (WxDxD) not including external nitrogen tank.

3. Build it up

This option is great for offices, F&B venues, and hotels that want to plan something into their design stage.  It requires a refrigerated solution paired with a coffee dispensing system.  Since it is custom, this option may present the highest cost, but it offers the opportunity to create something unique and eye-catching.

Interested in selling Nitro Labs coffee?

reach out to us at coldbrew@nitro.co.th

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