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A better coffee

Coffee is at the very heart of our lives and our work. The variety of origins, flavors, and preparation methods makes it almost a science.  Coffee is healthy, it can play the role of a ritual in our daily lives, and it helps to create bonds between the people we enjoy it with.

Our company was founded in the pursuit of improving the enjoyment we can achieve from every cup of coffee.  We think a passion for brewing and ingredients are equally important when crafting a perfect product.


Nitro Cold Brew

While cold brew coffee has been around for a few hundred years, nitro coffee (or nitro cold brew) is a rising star among coffee lovers.  Any why not?  Serving nitro products on tap creates a much better experience for enjoying the fresh and smooth taste of a well crafted cold brew.


But don't be fooled, because the process is not easy!  It takes time and effort to carefully brew and infuse the perfect cup of cold brew coffee.  And we spent a lot of time to make sure that every customer gets the same great experience that inspired us to start Nitro Labs!

We deliver craft brewed coffee to your cup from our small batch brewing facility with the highest attention to detail.  We source only the freshest local beans and turn it into a cool refreshing drink that will be sure to transform your ideas about how coffee was meant to be enjoyed.


Support Sustainable Business

We source local and we brew with a passion to promote Thailand's coffee industry. Thailand's coffee culture is booming, but we should be careful to make sure that its growth creates opportunity both now and in the future.

As one of Thailand's largest producer of cold brew coffee and tea products, we also try to promote sustainability in all aspects of our business.  From biodegradable containers, to recycled waste products, our customers can be proud to contribute to promoting a positive impact on the world.

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